1st Committee of the GA (DISEC)



The Committee on Disarmament and International Security (1st Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations) is the Committee responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. The mandate of one of the main committees of the General Assembly is devoted to disarmament and any threat to peace that may affect the international community as we know it. The endeavors of the 1st Committee of the GA are also focused on seeking solutions to any possible and future challenges that the regime of international security may face.

DISEC includes all the member states of the UN in its corps, following the principle of ‘’one member, one vote’’, providing the opportunity to member states to focus, among others, on issues of arms control and global safety. Although the 1st Committee of the GA does not possess the exclusive and binding mandate of the Security Council, it is constantly in full cooperation with this main body of the UN, by making recommendations that concern the field of international peace and security. The normative nature of the resolutions of this committee renders them salient, let alone respected by the Security Council.

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Topic A: Combating Illicit Arms Trade in the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has been, for many decades, one of the biggest crossroads for spreading worldwide the products and, most important, the various cultures of the countries that surround it. The illicit trade of arms occurs in places of the world where armed conflicts, violence and organized crime take place since the demand on these kinds of situations is often higher. Arms trafficking fuels civil conflicts and wars, empower the voice of terrorists and generally promote the spread of terror and fear in the international community. It is more than ever crucial for the United Nations to take actions that will really make a difference on combating this issue, in light of the recent events regarding the countries in the Mediterranean basin. Innocent people die every single day by bullets and this is unacceptable in the 21st century! It is time for Member States to take a stand.

Topic B: Illicit drugs and the terrorist threat, the linkage between drug trafficking and terrorist groups  

Humanity is facing one of the most difficult times in terms of safety, global peace and security. The terrorist threats are spread all around Europe, crossing the borders of the self proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS). The Committee on Disarmament and International Security possesses the authority of maintaining global peace via its non-binding resolutions and statements.

There are several paths that a terrorist group can use, in order to facilitate its function; one of them is the trafficking of illicit drugs. There have been incidents in the past years that show linkage between drug trafficking and one of the biggest terrorist groups in the Middle East, Al Qaeda. Nowadays, terrorist groups have expanded their sources along with their presence in several states and this poses a possible threat to international security. This year, we are facing the linkage between drug trafficking and terrorist groups, focusing on how could drug trafficking facilitate the function of these groups and how this Committee could prevent or minimize the damage of those acts towards international community.




11997171_10206945258085917_1603598849_nMy name is Dormousoglou Valia and I am currently a fourth year student in the Department of Political Science at the Aristotle University of  Thessaloniki, Greece. I have been actively participating in MUN and similar conferences from the age of 14 and I continue to do so at university level. My interests in International Relations and matters are closely related to my field of studies and I enjoy participating in conferences due to the wide knowledge that they offer, but also due to the chance that they provide to meet new people from all around the world. By the time of the Conference, I will have completed my internship at the Permanent Representative of Greece to the European Union by participating in the preparatory committees of the Council of the EU in fields concerning Human Rights, Arms Regulation, Relations between the EU and the UN and Space Activities. Chairing DISEC is a twofold challenge for me because it is the very first committee that I have taken part as a freshman delegate, but also the first committee that I have chaired back in high school and now at an academic level. I would like to ensure you that my co-chair and I will do our best to assist you during the Conference, but also during your preparation. I hope that this cooperation will lead us to an exciting debate procedure and experience. See you in Bucharest!




10303791_832242776874851_3382835671089905975_nGreetings everyone! My name is Georgios Makris (but everyone could call me George) and I come from the most beautiful city of Thessaloniki, Greece. I am a fourth year student of the Department of Political Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. On my free time I really enjoy studying, going out, traveling and meeting new people all around the world. I have participated in various MUNs and throughout the years I have bothered with issues regarding Human Rights, International Peace and Security and International Law. This year I am really excited for the opportunity I was given to be one of the chairs in the 1st Committee of the General Assembly, DISEC, and I assure you that I will do my best to provide all the knowledge and experience you need to have a wonderful time during the debates of the sessions. BISMUN is a conference that has taught me a lot since my first participation back in 2014 and I assure you it will do the same to everybody. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Bucharest, Romania and I want you to know that I am at your disposal whenever you need me. Get ready for intensive and fruitful debates!