Message from the Secretary General


Honorable Delegates,
It is a great honor to be the Secretary General for Bucharest International Student Model United Nations in 2017, and a great pleasure to welcome you all to an event that is dear to me.
As the vice-president of the UN Youth Association of Romania, I understand the importance and the size of BISMUN, I understand what it means, its legacy and its level. Therefore, I am very motivated – professionally speaking – to do my best in order to assure that the highest quality of academic debates will be met this year. However there is another way I look at BISMUN, as a former delegate, as a former chairperson and as a former organizer. From this perspective, not only does my rational being want to achieve a professional MUN, but my ego pushes me to do my best in order to achieve this. I sincerely tell you that this MUN truly has a special place in my heart.
This is reflected in this years’ theme: “Multiculturalism in the United Nations – Settling Differences for the Common Good’’, an issue that I am passionate about. It is about accepting that there are no two human beings that are exactly the same on this whole planet, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot get along. It is about accepting the fact that humanity is in its highest point of evolution. It is about implementing the UN values, perhaps the best peace facilitator that we have. We must work better, improving it with ideas that reflect the intersection of all of the nations’ interests.
I am certain, having participated in the last three BISMUN Conferences, that this year the delegates will once again have great and viable solutions towards the topics discussed and I will make sure that they have all the conditions to reach the best resolutions.

Looking forward to meeting you all,
Vlad Dragus,
Secretary General
Bucharest International Student Model United Nations 2017