BISMUN 2017 Executive Committee

Conference Manager

Valentin Florea

is the President of UN Youth Association of Romania. He has a BA in Political Science, awarded by the National School of Political Science and Public Administration. He is currently enrolled in a two year postgraduate program at SNSPA on Security & Diplomacy. He has been organizing BISMUN since 2014. Valentin has also been involved in the organization of other projects conveyed by UN Youth Romania such as: UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy and International Negotiations 2012, UN Youth Student Conference on International Relations, Security and Economy 2012, UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy and International Negotiations 2013, 17th IAPSS Academic Conference and General Assembly and others. Aside from his activity in the Association, he is an alumnus of the Konrad Adenauer Fellowship Program. Valentin has recently been part of the Romanian delegation to the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly as a youth representative. The delegation was led by Mr. Dacian Cioloș, Prime-Minister of the Government of Romania.

human resources Coordinators

Antonia Coman

is currently the Director of the Human Resources Department of the UN Youth Association of Romania, Bucharest Branch and a 3rd Year BA Student at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. Her “career” as a volunteer started when she was in high school and since then she was involved in a series of activities of representing students. She became a member in 2012 and has been activating since then in the Human Resources Department, first in Constanta Branch and since October 2015 in Bucharest Branch. She has participated in BISMUN 2016 being a Committee Assistant, coordinated the HR Department at the UN Youth Summer School 2016, but has also been the Coordinator of the Mentoring Project, which implies she had to lead the selection, recruiting, motivation and evaluation of the new entrants. She is particularly interested in Tax Law, International Public Law, Diplomacy and Human Rights but within her passions’ list she can count journeys and outdoor activities. The involvement in the association’s projects gives her the opportunity to do what she likes – meet new people and step out of her comfort zone every time.

Corina Gavriliță

is a 3-rd year BA student at National School of Political Science and Public Administration. She discovered the UN Youth Association of Romania in the first year of college and has been an active member of the Human Resources Department ever since. She believes that the time spent in the Association has brought her many fruitful experiences as she was able to meet people that are interested in the current challenges of the world we live in. Also, she is interested in multicultural exchanges, equality and human rights, loves to travel and to meet new people, as she believes this to be the best way to grow personally, as well as professionally. The volunteer experience in BISMUN 2015 and 2016 has represented for her one of the most enriching opportunities as it connects students and young people from all over the world, encourages them to share ideas, opinions and find solutions for the problems we are faced with on the international level.

PR & Press Coordinators

Oana Ghiocea

is a MA candidate, studying Public Policy and having obtained a BA in Political Science. She is passionate about writing, reading, hiking and diplomacy. Also, she is very strict on Human Rights and believes that there is good in everyone. She dreams that one day she will have the chance to represent her country and help it develop. Her wish is to become someone whose diary she won’t be ashamed to read and she leads her life after the motto: “Never judge a book by its cover”. Eager to grow as a human being and widen her horizons, Oana became a volunteer 15 years ago as a Scout and then, in her first year at University, she discovered the UN Youth Association of Romania. As member, she has been HR Coordinator for the Academic Conference in 2014, Press Officer for BISMUN 2015, Press Coordinator for Summer School on Diplomacy 2015, PR Coordinator for BISMUN 2016 and Project Manager for Summer School on Diplomacy 2016. Now she will be coordinating the PR Department for this edition of Bucharest Student Model United Nations.

Eduard Popa

has an experience of four years in journalism. He now works for a TV station in Bucharest, B1 Tv, as a news writer. He is also a Foreign Policy, Politics and Sports contributing editor for different online projects, like, and He is also a researcher for Issues Without Borders. Eduard majored in 2013 in International Relations and European Studies at the Faculty of History of the University of Bucharest with a Bachelor Degree on the 1948 Tito-Stalin Split. Then he took a Masters Degree in 2015 in "Diplomacy Techniques" also at the Faculty of History. His dissertation thesis' theme was on "UN policies regarding the Syrian Crisis, between 2011-2014". Besides articles signed in different online publications he also has a small number of scientific studies published on topics regarding the Syrian Crisis and the Arab Spring. He is in a member of UN Youth of Romania - Bucharest Branch since April 2015 and is responsible for the PR section of this year's Summer School.

Maria Trifon

is an undergraduate student in Sociology at SNSPA, passionate about social and political science, as well as debate. She is interested in everything linked to interpersonal relationships, human development and changes in the types of social, political and cultural behavior generated by existential paradigm changes of the recent years. In school, she has been committed to two major activities: debate and scouting. Being a debater and a scout describes her perfectly. During all these years spent volunteering in different NGOs, Maria has developed certain life and communication skills, such as teamwork, high adaptability to different social and interpersonal interactions, public speaking and leadership. Although she is a person that enjoys reading and writing, Maria is also very keen on traveling, going camping, hiking in the mountains and photography.

Visual Identity Coordinator

Alexandru Dumitrache

is currently the PR Director of UN Youth Association of Romania – Bucharest Branch, working to get licensed in the Communication and Public Relations domain at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration. With an interest in public speaking, graphic design, photography and traveling, along the years he participated in a lot of summer schools worldwide, he took part in many conferences that relate to the subject and he held a handful of speeches, one of them making him the Junior Mayor of District 6 of Bucharest. Until now, he coordinated everything related to the visual identity of the UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy 2016 and made sure that the participants are enchanted by the visual materials of the project. This year, he is the Image Coordinator of Bucharest International Student Model United Nations Conference 2017 and he makes sure that the event acquires awareness at an international level, through all the available channels.

Administrative Coordinator

Ștefan Daniel Dragomir

is currently Secretary General of U.N. Youth Association of Romania. This year he finished the Master Program “Public Policies and European Integration” at National School of Political Sciences and Public Administration. He also graduated “Political Sciences” in 2014 at the same university. He was actively involved in the association projects since 2013.

Social Events Coordinators

Diana Șelaru

is a final-year law student at the University of Bucharest and currently the Vice President of External Affairs at UN Youth Association of Romania. It is the 3rd time she's part of the BISMUN organizing team and looking forward to ensure your fun after the committee sessions. Diana loves traveling and she would like to work in an international environment, therefore she wishes to build a career in diplomacy.

Raluca Hanu

holds an M.A. in International Relations - Security and Diplomacy from the National School of Political Science and Public Administration and she is part of the Marketing Department in the UN Youth Association Bucharest Branch. Keen on personal and professional development, Raluca discovered the benefits of volunteering ever since the first year of her academic experience and has been involved in the organization of several of the UN Youth conferences and events: UN Youth Academic Conference 2015, Moot Courts 2015, BISMUN 2016, Constanta Model United Nations 2016, “Women’s Role in Romanian Leadership” Conference 2016 and Summer School on Diplomacy 2016.

Volunteer Manager

Andreea Lavinia Turcu

is currently enrolled in a Masters Degree program entitled Security and Diplomacy at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration. This came as a continuation of her Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations and European Studies and high interest in Security Studies, more precisely in terrorism and counterterrorism matters. In this regard, Ms. Turcu successfully completed an internship at NATO Council of Canada in 2014, experience she describes as the most challenging and mind opening academic achievement. Describing herself as a 'strong believer in the power and benefits of non-formal education' and driven by her 'thirst for knowledge' , desire to explore , and passion for the field of International Relations, she participated in several international conferences, such as The 8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders 2013; Brussels European Forum 2016 ; Model European Union Strasbourg 2016; and several Youth in Action projects. Her 4 years involvement in the Association includes holding the presidency of Timisoara Branch from 2014 to 2015; being the Project Manager of the 2015 TMUN (Timisoara MUN) and part of the Press Team of the last three BISMUN editions; and attending the 2014 UN Youth Summer School as a participant. Most notably, Ms. Turcu represented the Association at this year's MUN4UN conference that took place at the United Nations, New York. The event gathered for the very first time the worldwide MUNers to discuss the 2030 UN Agenda and the ways to implement the 17 SDGs through academic activities. Having experienced a wide range of events both as an organizer and participant, she believes there's one simple but essential criteria every successful conference must fulfill: happy volunteers and participants. Therefore, in her quality as the Volunteer Manager of BISMUN 2017, besides the president of the Association she will be assuring the good administration and smooth running of the event. In this regard, she wishes to encourage the participants to make the very best of the conference, debate fruitfully and to congratulate them for getting involved and wanting to make a difference.