The Social Activities

The Social Activities – BISMUN 2017


CITY TOUR – Tuesday, 21.03.2017

Maybe you are coming for the first time in Bucharest, or maybe you have been here already, but there are so many beautiful places we wish to show you. Bucharest is made of a vibrant culture of outgoing, partying, enjoying life and socializing with open-minded people. Therefore, one day ahead of BISMUN is for visiting what our capital has to offer best for restless travelers and we desire to make this a tradition for MUN lovers.



WELCOMING RECEPTION – Wednesday, 22.03.2017

The best way to make new friends is to share ideas with them in a delightful setting. After the opening ceremony, where you will get a brief overview of the amazing week that lies ahead, we will enjoy interesting conversations, tasty food, so don’t miss the starting point.


Location: The Faculty of Law – 36-46, Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd.



PUB NIGHT – Thursday, 23.03.2017

So that we know each other a little more, we invite you to toast a fresh beer together. We will be doing that at The Pub, an amazing place which offers a unique combination of gastronomy and entertainment. We are sure that you are going to love the tables which are equiped with beer taps. These are some of the reasons we think The PUB Pilsner Unique Bar is the right choice for all of us!

Location: The Pub – Regina Elisabeta Blvd, No. 9

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DIPLOMATIC COCKTAIL – Friday, 24.03.2017

Friday night is a very special night for BISMUN, more like a tradition. We will be having a great time together, all dressed up glamorous and fancy (and taking a lot of selfies, we bet!). At every BISMUN edition, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is inviting us to the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel in order to take a “sneak peek” into the lives of the diplomats. We say Champagne fits best!


Location: Sheraton Bucharest Hotel – Calea Dorobantilor No. 5-7

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ROMANIAN DINNER – Saturday, 25.03.2017

Saturday is for the Romanian way of having fun. We will be enjoying traditional dishes and music and we hope that you have never ending energy reserves. We’re saying this because we never get tired of dancing “Hora”, one of our favorite traditional dances. We also wish that The Romanian Dinner will be an intercultural evening, and maybe you could also teach us some traditional dances from your home countries. Are you in for it?


Location: Rustic Restaurant – Marasti Bvd., No. 9, in Agronomie Student Campus

*** For more details related to the fee, please consult the General Information page.

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CLUB NIGHT – Sunday, 26.03.2017

Our last night together is for massive fun. The nightlife of Bucharest has a lot to offer. Therefore, we invite you to leave your gala suits at home and dress as the Theme dares you. Yes, that’s right! We will be hosting a thematic party! This year the theme will be Black and White. ‘Why Black and White? Because Color can be too demanding’. They say black never goes out of style and that white…well…never mind! Just be prepared for a night you will never forget.


Location: Hangover Club – Selimbar Street No. 1

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*** For more details related to the fee, please consult the General Information page.

*** Please, attend the events only if you are accepted as a participant in 2017’s edition of BISMUN.