We do not offer any accommodation services.

The participant is fully responsible with finding a place to stay.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the BISMUN 2022 conference.

Can I be a BISMUN participant even though I haven’t yet graduated highschool?

Yes, BISMUN is an event which is addressed to all students, regardless of their academic status.

Will I be refunded if I can no longer attend BISMUN 2022 due to COVID-19 infection?

We will get back to you once we have information regarding this aspect.

Will the main meals of the day be provided during the conference?

Lunch will be provided during the committee days. However, lunch will not be served during the first and last days, when the Opening and Closing ceremonies will take place. Coffee breaks will be served during committee days.

Will a participation fee be required?

No, the only fees that the participants have to pay will strictly be for social events.

Can I participate in BISMUN even if I have no previous experience in MUN conferences?

Yes, participants will be provided with rules of procedure, which will explain how a MUN is conducted, and before the MUN they will communicate with chairs who will tell them that they need to make a procedure paper based on the committee’s theme.

Can I participate in BISMUN if I am not 18 years old yet?

Provided you have a written parental approval, participation will be accepted.

Will there be printable materials?

Yes, participants will be offered event themed bags with printable materials.

What is the procedure by which countries are allocated to committees?

The Academic Coordinator is fully responsible with the countries and committees allocations, therefore based on the participant’s application and their experience, a country and committee will be allocated to you.

What health conditions do I have to meet in order to participate in BISMUN?

All measures required by law at the time.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the allocated committee/country?

The participant is required to send an email to HR asking for a reallocation of the committee/country.

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