Organizing Committee

Ioana Dospinescu

Conference Manager 

Ioana is the President of UN Youth Association of Romania and this years’ Conference Manager of BISMUN. She holds a BA in Security and Defense from the Carol I National Defense University and is currently enrolled in her fourth year of Law School. A member of UN Youth since 2015, Ioana has coordinated several national and local projects within the Association, such as the Summer School on Diplomacy for two consecutive editions and has also held different leadership position throughout her volunteer work. Moreover, she is also a keen MUN-er, organizing BISMUN giving her the perfect opportunity to merge the two passions. She believes that BISMUN represents the perfect framework for international students to create irreplaceable memories and gain soft skills such as negotiation and public speaking skills at  Romania’s biggest conference of this type. 

Roxana Nicolae

Human Resources Coordinator 

Roxana is the National Vice President for Internal Affairs of the UN Youth Association of Romania and this year’s Human Resources Coordinator. She is 21 years old and studies International Relations at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administrations and Management at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. She started her journey as a volunteer in middle school and since then she gained experience on organizing projects. She joined UN Youth Association of Romania in 2018 and since then she coordinated several national and local projects as a Human Resources Coordinator. Roxana is interested in diplomacy and foreign affairs. To pursue this passions she interned at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Parliament of Romania during the Presidency of the Council of European Union acquiring skills necessary in her future career. Roxana is an emphatic person preoccupied in self-development, she is very sociable, responsive to newness and focused on collaboration and evolution.

Gabriel Ilinca

Human Resources Co-Coordinator 


Gabriel is currently the National Vice President on Education of the UN Youth Association of Romania and the Human Resources Co-Coordinator for BISMUN 2020. He is 20 years old and studies International Relations and European Studies at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration. He joined UN Youth Romania in 2018 and participated in the most of the association’s projects, including BISMUN 2019. Gabriel started volunteering in high school, since then he organised several projects and activated as a member of the high school’s debate club. He prefers to spend most of his time volunteering because it keeps him connected to a range of interesting subjects and activities. Moreover, it helps him develop many practical skills that complement the theoretical basis he learns at the university.

Lucian Budianu

PR Coordinator 

Luci is a 21 years old student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bucharest. He is also the National Vice President for External Affairs of UN Youth Association of Romania. He is a part of the association since 2016 and he is passionate about Graphic Design, Web Design and MUNs. He attended BISMUN 2017 as a volunteer, BISMUN 2018 as a delegate of the Crisis Committee and now he decided to be part of the Executive Committee of BISMUN 2020.

Bogdan Nica

Visual Coordinator 

Bogdan is the Head of the PR Department of the UN Youth Association of Romania – Bucharest Branch and this year’s Visual Coordinator of BISMUN. He is 21 years old and he studies Economic Informatics at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. He became a member of UN Youth Association of Romania – Bucharest Branch in 2019 after he experienced BISMUN as a photographer. Since then, he was involved in all the national and local projects. His interests include photography, Photoshop editting, playing video games, travelling, watching football and tennis. He was a brown belt in Ju Jitsu, sport which was practiced by him for 12 years, where he gained several national and international awards. In the future he will pursue a Master’s Programme in IT&C Security and he wants to work in a field related to Cyber Intelligence.

Andrada Ciocioi

Visual Coordinator 

Andrada is one of the Visual Coordinators of BISMUN 2020. Outspoken and an activist, she is currently finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and European Studies. She is a solution-oriented, ambitious person, having freshly finished a six-month Internship with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the duration of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and currently working in Marketing & Communication for an up-and-coming startup. She is a volunteer with the International Organization for Migration and above all, an advocate for equality and human rights as well as an animal lover and passionate dog trainer.

Ioana Florescu

Chief of Press

Ioana is currently in her final year as a  Political Science student specialising in International Relations in Bucharest. For BISMUN 2020, she is the Chief of Press. A member of UN Youth’s  PR department since 2017, her path in the association has been consistent. She started out with local projects,  such as  two editions of MINI MUN between 2017 and 2019, both as a volunteer and coordinator. On a national level, within the association  she has been a Press Officer at BISMUN 2018 and 2019, as well the last two editions of Summer School  on Diplomacy. Furthermore, her passion for writing and the UN is highlighted through BISMUN. It is her belief that this is the perfect environment to document the complex process that is a  conference of this kind as well as connect with like-minded international students.

Georgiana Mihăilă

Volunteer Manager 

Georgiana is 20 years old and her greatest goal is to change the world. She is a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Public Administration from the National School of Political Science and Public Administration. After finishing her studies, she wishes to remain in Romania and work in the administrative domain, aiming to contribute to changing the Romanian society. She has become last year the president of the UNYARO- Bucharest Branch and she is also the secretary of UN Youth Association. Over the time, she has been involved in various volunteering actions, taking part in 37 projects: national and international, trainings for project and volunteer management, personal development and informal education. She has also been a volunteer at different associations in her home town, Piatra Neamt. Georgiana is a perfectionist person, in love with traveling and Instagram. She loves to discover new places and cultures.

Florin Văduva

Marketing Coordinator


Florin is currently the head of marketing department of the Bucharest Branch of the Association and the National Deputy Secretary General. He is studying public administartion at National University of Political Studies and Public Administration and he is a very devoted member. Florin is a member of the Bucharest Branch since march 2019 and he had a very fast growth, becoming the head of marketing department only months after becoming a member. He is an extroverted person who like to be involved in society’s matters and his passions are mainly cinematography, reading and other art related activities.

Alessandra Voicu

 Academic Coordinator 

Her name is Alessandra Voicu, she is currently a student at the Faculty of Law and Faculty of History. She has thus far attended 14 Model United Nations Conferences which served as a catalyst for her interest in History and Law, two subjects which she will pursue after she graduates. Her passion for MUN’s arose almost four years ago, when she had just entered the 9th grade, and has become such a big part of her life that she is now the Vice President within UN Youth Romania – Bucharest Branch. Alessandra fell in love with MUN Conferences by attending BISMUN 2017 experience in which she took part as a delegate in the Human Rights Council. Regarding her personal profile, Alessandra is a responsible and committed person, always interested in facing new challenges. BISMUN 2020 serves as her first experience as a Academic Coordinator, but she is more than certain that she will do everything in her power to make sure BISMUN 2020 will become one of the best MUN’s in Romania.

Vlad Călin

 Administrative Coordinator

Vlad Calin is this year’s BISMUN Administrative Department Coordinator. He is 20 years old and studies at Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” of Bucharest. Vlad is interested in geopolitics, International relations, history and cross-border threats. His history concerning the association starts back in 2018, when he first coordinated the logistics department for the 2018’s BISMUN. He is a rigorous, well organized coordinator, those stated before being the main reason of his appreciation among the members of the association.


Gabriella Gabrilaki

 Coffee Breaks Coordinator 

Gabriella is 19 years old and she is a student at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. She is half Greek-half Romanian and she moved to Bucharest one year ago, coming from Crete, joining almost immediately the UN Youth Association, where she is currently the Secretary of the Bucharest Branch. Her interests, beside the association, include spending time with family and friends, travelling and watching tv series. As this is her second BISMUN edition and as she is a perfectionist, she will make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.