What’s a MUN?

Simulations of UN committees, known as “Model United Nations” have a long tradition in numerous prestigious universities throughout the world, being recognized as important debate forums. 

Since the first MUN simulation, held in 1952 at Harvard University, the phenomenon of “MUN” expanded globally and attracts a growing number of students, especially those interested in political science, international relations, diplomacy, law, economics and cultural studies. 

During a MUN Conference, such as BISMUN 2020, participants play the role of delegates representing the policies, interests and objectives of a state in one of the simulated bodies. During the six days, they will be responsible for the legal and political decisions of the state they represent, decisions that will be reflected in the resolutions that they will adopt during the committee sessions. 

In each committee session, participants will develop specific activities of the simulated decision-making body, such as: giving speeches and supporting state positions, engaging in discussions and debates with other delegates, negotiating resolution provisions and forms. 

Also, their main role will be to draft, develop, amend and vote final resolutions in each committee. 

For further information, access the following sources: 

  1. un.org
  2. bestdelegate.com